Lab Name   : Petrochemical Technology
In Petrochemical Technology lab Various experiments are performed for petroleum products characterization ,  like flash and fire point of different types of crude oil by cleaveland open cup , to determine cloud and pour point , to determine smoke point , aniline point, determine viscosity by using redwood viscometer.  In this lab students will understood imoprtant characteristics of petroleum products.
Lab Name  : General Chemical Technology -I
In general  chemical technology lab students will perform various experiments based on organic chemistry, experiment based on aliphatic compounds , aromatic compounds. Also student will understand   methods of preparation of these organica, aromatic compounds.
Lab Name  : Heat Transfer Operation
Heat transfer operation is very important subject for petrochemical students.  in this lab students will perform experiments based on heat transper equipments  . in heat transfer three important modes of heat transfer are conduction , convection and radiation.
Experiments will be performed  to determine thermal conductivity of metal rod, determine critical radius of insulating material, calculate overall heat transfer coefficient in shell and tube heat exchanger.
Lab Name  : Electrical And Electronics Engineering
In electrical and electronics   engineering lab students will perform experiments based on CRO, function generator, digital multimeter.
Lab Name  : Petroleum Refining Engineering
PRE subject is one of the most   important subject  in petrochemical technology. This subject is heart of petroleum refinery.  Various experiments are perofrmed in pre   lab , to study steam distillation,  Liquid -liquid extraction,  vapir liquid equilibrium data , adsorption on charcoal, And to measure distillate by ASTM distillation.
Lab Name   : Drilling Engineering
Drilling engineering is subject of upstream process in oil and gas industry.  To drill oil and gas well basic knowledge of drilling techniques, advancements in drilling like directional drilling.
In this lab varous experiments are performed based various types of drilling fluid, their characteristics to calculate pH bu using digital pH meter.  Marsh funnel viscometer.
Lab Name  : Lab Name  : General Chemical Technology II
In general chemical technology II lab various experiments are performed for preapartion of aspirin, preparation of soap, preparation of detergent, preparation of nitrobenzene.
Students will leran practically synthesis of various compounds in laboratory.
Lab Name  : Fluid Flow operation
Fluid flow operation is very important subject for transport of fluids.  Also to study statics and fluid  dynamics. in fluid flow operation lab students will perform experiments based theorotical knowledge of fluid mechanics . Eperiments are by using Reynolds apparatus, Bernoullis equation, fluid flow through orifive meter and venturimeter, friction losses through pipe fittings,  measure head developed by centrifugal pump.

flash point fire point measuring instrument.
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