Program Outcome

At the end of programme, students of Civil Engineering will be able to

  • Develop skill towards Planning, designing, constructing and maintaining civil engineering structures and buildings. 
  • Collect samples, conduct experiments / tests and prepare brief report/results pertaining to civil engineering materials for maintain quality as per IS standards of work. 
  • Ability to contribute to the growth and development of the nation in term of foundation infrastructure as well as complex structures.
  • To improve practices regarding to use the standards, skills, techniques, and tools that is necessary for computing estimating, costing and valuations and site execution of structures in civil engineering.
  • Clear Understanding of his duties and responsibilities as a civil engineer.
  • Ensure optimum use of resources in the context of environmental sensitivity, sustainable development and occupational safety. 
  • Exhibit effective team work and function as leader & members in multidisciplinary civil engineering projects.
  • Appreciate and apply modern techniques, materials and tools for civil engineering construction works. 
  • Ensure quality materials and workmanship as per specifications and prevailing current SOR.
  • Apply standard code of practices, by-laws, regulations, norms etc for planning and designing of buildings and other projects 
  • Apply principles of Civil Engineering to propose infrastructure development with new ideas, techniques and innovations. 
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