Diploma in Petrochemical Engineering Course is perfect blend of Petroleum, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering. It has been framed keeping in mind the current trends and technological growth in industries. The course deals with various aspects of Chemical, Petrochemical and Petroleum Industry. It not only covers the core Chemical engineering subjects but also covers Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical manufacture aspects. Petrochemical Engineering Department was started with an aim to provide eminence education in Petrochemical Engineering to the contender students admitted to the program. This in turn prepares the students for higher studies in Petrochemical, Petroleum, Chemical Engineering & related fields. It also makes them set for exigent placement in Petroleum refining, Petrochemical, Chemical Industries of varied sectors like , Fertilizers, Heavy Chemicals, Polymers, Dyes and Intermediates, Bulk Drugs, Pollution Control etc. The inherent Industrial training as a part of academic structure is the unique feature of the program. This imparts hands- on-Training to the student.

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