As a vision of India 2020 "Each Home with Electricity", there is very wide demand of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power. Electrical Engineering has all time in demand as its spectrum grows with advancement of all area of Technology. Globalization, Overseas collaboration, Transfer of Technology, etc call for high quality standard and technology up gradation at all level in the Industry, Electrical Engineer has key role to play.

Electricity is the Lifeline of all other field of Technology. We can't even imagine the world without electricity. Any Physical system built of Mechanical, Electronics, Computer, Chemical, Plastic, Textile Engineering, Electricity keeps the heart beating of all Industries, Generation system, Transmitting system, Utilization system, Design, Manufacturing, Erection, Commissioning, R & D, are the routine Electrical systems requires Electrical Engineers.

Electrical Engineering department was established in year 2001 offering Diploma Degree in Electrical Engineering with the intake of 60. Till date more than 850+ students have passed out from electrical department and fortunately most of them are well settled in their professional life. The qualified and dedicated faculty members are the Strength of the Department with major faculty members having Master Degree.

The Department assiduously endeavours to bridge the theoretical and practical knowledge gaps through up-to-date curriculum and interdisciplinary learning environment. The Department has well-developed laboratories in the areas of Power Electronics, High Voltage Engineering, Electrical Machines and Electrical Power Systems where students can work with modern hardware and simulation tools to get the hands-on expertise in various areas of Electrical Engineering. More emphasis is laid on the skill-development of students to make them industry-ready. Quality teaching, with overall personality development of the students, is the motto of the Department. 

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