The need for an integrated approach to the design of complex engineering systems involving electronic engineering. Mechanical engineering and computing has become increasingly apparent in recent years and has led to the growth of the concept of Mechatronics.

“Mechatronics is the synergetic combination of precision mechanical engineering. Electronic control and computing Technologies to enhance the performance of products, systems and process.”

From this definition it is cheer that Mechatronics is not itself a separate discipline within the overall spectrum of engineering but rather that it represents an integration. Mechatronics is the interdisciplinary fusion not just a simple mixture of Mechanical, Electronics and Computing Technology. The objective is an engineering for complete product development which is why it is currently so popular with industry. 

Keeping such requirement in mind competent and experienced faculty of our Mechatronics Engineering department prepares the students by giving ample assignments, conducting test, allowing extra industrial Practice/ Testing at concern local or nearby industries, national level Research & Testing institutions like EQDC, CSIR, INDO-GERMAN TOOL ROOM, INGERSOLE RAND, JYOTI LIMITED, etc. Preparing them to participate in national as well as international fair imparting industrial training for one full term for industrial exploser and arranging industrial visits.

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