Two Days Workshop on " Arduino for Beginners "

Friday, February 28, 2020 - 09:45
BSPP/IOT - Ganpat University

The workshop is organised by electrical department, BSPP/IOT-Ganpat University. In this workshop total 75 partcipant (including some faculty member) has partcipated to learn about Ardiuno software in brief. The expert had given perfect presentation and knowledge which is useful to understand the Arduino tool.
Detail of the Event:-
Place:- Bspp/ IOT-Ganpat University
Expert:- PROF. JITENDRA K. PRAJAPATI(UVPCE, Ganpat University)
Convener :- Prof. R V PATEL (Head of Department, Electrical)
Coordinator:- Prof. K M PATEL, Prof. D. R. MEHTA
Co-coordinator:- Prof. Dipali K Raval, Prof. Jalpa J Patel
No Of Participants:- 75

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