Program Outcome

  • At the end of program, students of Computer  Engineering/Information Technology  will be able to:
  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to develop the software system.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Apply the concept , principles and theories of computer engineering.
  • Use current techniques, skills and tools to make the software.
  • Identified, analyses and find the best solution for problem.
  • Based on the solution student can be design the algorithm.
  • Design, code and test the software which is required by client.
  • To analyze the error and debug error as soon as possible.
  • Develop network and solve the network related problem.
  • An ability to communicate effectively in speech and in writing including documentation of hardware and software systems.
  • Find the hardware related problem and can be assembled the computer.
  • Work in individual and in team member to develop application.
  • An understanding of professional and ethical issues and responsibilities.


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