One Day Technical Webinar On Internet of Things

Saturday, January 30, 2021 - 10:30
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B.S.Patel Polytechnic and Institute Of Technology

Computer Department of B.S.Patel Polytechnic and institute of technology had organized 1 day webinar on technical subject named Internet Of Things on dated 30/01/2021.

Whole webinar had been conducted under Computer Department.

Above mention Topics had been delivered by the external Expert. 53 students of department were attended the webinar.

In the webinar the topic internet of things was delivered by Navjyot sinh Jadeja and Umang Patel on dated 30/01/2021. The students had get very good knowledge from him. Mr. Navjyot sinh had explained the entire fundamental and also awarded the students through practical and maximum tried to give best of him. Student were enjoyed the topic. The session of Internet of things was very nice and gets good knowledge delivered by expert and student get latest technology knowledge. Mr.Umang patel teaches latest use of Internet of things with practical example.

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