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The Library has been catering to the needs of the undergraduates, postgraduates, faculty and staff members of all the departments of the institution. The book collection continues to support the teaching, research, development and other professional activities of these departments. The demands of the ever-growing research areas across multiple disciplines is being catered with the help of latest volumes, in almost all fields of Engineering, Science, Technology and general areas.

  • Salient features:

Large Number of Books

The library is well equipped with wide ranging books from all the technical streams. The current numbers of books stand at about 31,000 and still counting. Large volumes of books helping the students crack the competitive examinations are also available. All these books have been well arranged, categorized and demarked properly so that it is easily feasible to reach out for them.


Seeing today's e-era, institution has been providing extensive range of e-journals scoring all fields counting up to 2000 in numbers.

Additional Resources

Research Papers, theses and other multimedia learning resources viz. CD, DVD, VCD for deepening the technical roots amongst the minds of the students are also available in plenty.

Reference Collection

Large number of expensive reference books and other materials prove to be of great assistance along with the course books. The reference collection comprises Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks  and many more housed separately in the reference section.

Technological Assistance

Well established computerised systems provided for books issue and return transactions thus keeping all records dynamic, well-updated and electronic.

Newspapers & Magazines

Regularly subscribed all major dailies and magazines help students keep themselves abreast with day-to-day happenings in all fields across the globe.

Internet Facility

Latest configured computers provided with high speed internet connectivity aid students learn from the Internet. Wi-Fi connectivity across the entire library allows mobile learning.

Reading Area

Large and comfortable seating arrangement with a silent environment providing a perfect place to the students to study and enhance their knowledge. Special reading areas for referring the reference materials and other remaining pertaining to competitive exams.

  • Library Rules And Regulation
  • Membership Eligibility

Individual Members

Students on roll, Faculty of the College and Staff

Institutional Members

Institutions on the Campus

Special Members

MOU Industries, BOS members

  • Working Hours

Monday   to  Friday

09:45 am to 05:00 pm

Saturday ( Working day only )

09:45 am to 05:00 pm

  • Rules of Privileges and Deposits


No.of  Books Permitted

Refundable  Deposit \ Book





(Caution Money Deposit)

03 ( B.Tech.)

05 ( M.Tech. / M.C.A.)



(other than teaching  faculty )



Institutional Members

1. Other Colleges Member

2. Industry

3. Special Members


As required

As required


Rs. 1000 /-


  • Duration of Loan and Overdue

Library Resources


Duration  of Loan

Overdue Charge

Books and Monographs

1. Faculty

2. Student

01 Semester

02 week


Rs.2/day for 7days


Rs.5/day thereafter

Reference Books

1. Faculty

2. Student

3. Institutional                                                                  


04 Weeks

On request of  Concerned  Faculty

By due permission of Principal




Video & Audio

Any members inside Library only

Membership cards of other Libraries

(British Library, A’bad)

1. Faculty

2. Student                

4 Weeks

2 Weeks


Rs.5/day for 7days


Rs.10 / day thereafter                    

  • Conditions of Loan of Books (For Students only)
  1. The Books must be returned on or before the due date. Overdue charges will be levied for  late return as per the rule. The receipt for the late charge shall be provided.    
  2. A  book  can  be  renewed  only  if  there  is  no  pending  requisition  for  the  same .
  3. A book   required   for   renewal should   be   presented physically at the counter.
  4. Single copy of any publication will not be issued for long time. Although it may be offered for reading purpose within the library.
  5. Video & Audio Lecture CD / DVD / other soft materials are to be used within the library only. 
  6. Audio / Video equipment should be used properly. Intentional mishandling will invite penalty.
  7. Loss of any book borrowed must be reported in writing immediately to the librarian. Members are required to replace the lost book by the latest edition of the same book within 10 days after  reporting the loss. Overdue charges will be levied upto the date of reporting of  the loss of the book.
  8. There should not be any kind of additional marking or writing in the book by the students, If found the total cost of the book shall be reimbursed.
  • Book Requisition by Faculty
  1. A member is entitled to put one requisition per day in the prescribed slip at the counter.
  2. Intimation regarding availability of books requisition will be notified in Monday every week.       
  3. If claim is not presented for available required book, it will lapse on the second day after intimation.
  • Book Requisition by Students
  1. Students are permitted to suggest the publication / non – print learning resources for Procurement. A student is entitled to put one requisition per day in the prescribed slip at the counter.
  2. Students should behave properly in the library.
  3. Any suggestion pertaining to improvement in library functioning should be dropped in the suggestion box.
  4. Members are required to return the Membership card and books borrowed on counter. They will also have to submit clearance form, as and when they need no – due certificate from the librarian.
  5. The library shall remain closed for the annual physical verification generally during   vacation. Members are requested to return all the books at least a week before the Scheduled closure for verification.
  • Book Bank Rules And Regulation
  1. Only those books will be issued to the students, which are pre-decided by library committee.
  2. For issuing the books, all the students have to deposit Rs.2000 /- ( Two thousand only )
  3. At the  time  of  return  students have  to pay 20 % of the total cost  of the books, which will be directly deducted from the deposit.
  4. Issued  books  have  to  be  returned  back to the library within one week after the final theory exam gets over.
  5. There should not be any kind of additional marking or writing in the book by the students , If found  the total cost of the book shall be reimbursed.
  6. Only  needy students will be issued the books . The decision of library committee based on their application will be final and binding to all concerned.


  • General Rules & Regulation
  1. Smoking and eating addictive things like GUTKA, CHEWING-GUM is strictly prohibited in the library.
  2. Every staff member and student who enters the library is expected to note their names and enrolment no and sign in the register.
  3. Before entering the stack rooms of the library everyone is expected to leave all their belongings outside.
  4. Every student should possess the college identity card while in the library.
  5. Everyone is requested to use the complaint/ suggestion box inside the library to lodge their complaints and suggestions.
  6. Every subscriber is requested to keep the books neat and tidy not to mutilate them in any way.
  7. Books are for our use. Discipline is essential for getting books issued without undue delay.
  8. Your kind co-operation is solicited for the efficient Functioning of the library.
  9. Keep silence in the library.
  10. Please Switch off OR put on silent mode your Mobile Phone.
  11. Books issued period is 14 days.Overdue charge :- Rs.02 per day for 07 days Rs.05 Per day then after.
  12. Books Issue Return Time :- Monday   to  Friday -09:45 am to 05:00 pm Saturday ( Working day only ) - 09:45 am to 05:00 pm
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