Academic Visit Summer 2020 (Civil Engineering Department)

Saturday, February 29, 2020
1) Mazum Dam, Modasa. 2) Water Treatment Plant, Modasa. 3) Vatrak Dam 4) Shamlaji Temple

Number of students: 51
Number of Faculty Members: 4.
Benefits from this academic visit:
·         The Mazum Dam is located near Modasa, Gujarat in India. It is built on Small River called Mazum which may the reason it has been named as Mazum dam. It is located in Aravalli District of Gujarat near Modasa town. It is about 9 km away from modasa. Students get benefited by seeing various components of dam. Mr. Patel who is in charge of the dam gave us detail information about dam site. Students had learn various onsite problems and their solution from his vast experience.
·         We have also visited water treatment plant near village volva which intakes water from Mazum River and supply treated water to nearby villages. Students have seen various operation of water treatment plant which includes aeration process, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection.
·         The Vatrak Dam is located near Malpur, Gujarat in India. It is built on River called Vatrak which may the reason it has been named as Vatrak dam. This dam is constructed for irrigation purpose. Mr. K.M. Zala who is site supervisor at Vatrak dam gave us information and knowledge of dam and its components.     

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