As a vision of india 2020 "each home with electricity", there is very wide demand of generation, transmission and distribution of Electrical Power. Electrical engineering has all time in demand as its spectrum grows with advancement of all area of Technology. Globalization, Overseas collaboration, transfer of technology, etc call for high quality standard and technology upgradation at all level in the industry, electrical engineer has key role to play.

Electricity is the lifeline of all other field of technology. Any physical system b eit of Mechanical, Electronics, Computer, Chemical, Plastic, Textile Engineering, electricity keeps the heart beeting od all industries, Generation sysetm, Transmitting system, Utilization system, Design, Manufacturing, Eraction, Commissioning, R & D, are the routine electrical sysems requires electrial engineers.

Keeping such requirement in mind competent and experienced faculty of our Electrical Engineering Departemnt prepares the students by giving ample assignments, conducting test, allowing extra industrial Practice/ Testing at concern local or nearby industries, national level Research & Testing institutions like EQTC, CSIR, ABB, T&R ISRO, PRL COMPUTERISED LOAD DISPATCH CENTER, JYOTI LIMITED, LOCOSHED, etc. Preparing then to participate in national as well as international fair imparting industry related projects for one term for industrial exposer and arranging industrial visits to different companies. Sometimes department arrange expert lecture series to guide the student anout new technology. Technical events like EPOCH, sports week, technology symposium arranged regularly t acknowledge teh students inherent capability.